Sweex LW150 firmware upgrade

Submitted by Jancis on Sat, 10/05/2013 - 09:41

Just like every other el-cheapo home wifi router i've had lately, this one (Sweex LW150) gave up too (of course only when warranty was over). Occasionally hanging up, quietly waiting for reset.  

I have TPlink lying around too, but it would be too fancy, having wifi router with a USB port. So I looked for firmware upgrades, but found none, even in sweex homepage. Googled firmware I was currently on (H1_V3.2.5e) and found, as it appears, an alternative device Tenda W268R.

Why would I even think of flashing different firmware in it? Lucky guess - I found this listing and assumed W268R is rebranded LW150. 

So yeah, i did flash it (not so much with fingers crossed, more with hope of getting new hardware) and it still works, just different Web-UI. Same settings, just like casual upgrade. Rebooted several times, reset to default config, reconfigured and will see how it acts during nightly data backup sessions.

TLDR: If you have Sweex LW150, you can upgrade it with firmware from Tenda W268R. Just look out for old firmware name, you gotta look out for correct prefix (H1_V3.xxx)